I began the journey of reducing our household waste in early 2016, after reflecting on the impact of plastics in our environment and the desire to create sustainable habits for my family and two small children. Because I have sewn all my life and seem to have a knack for repurposing and recreating things, I set about creating items which would replace the single-use products we had grown so accustomed to using. After a great deal of trial and error, time and effort, and late nights of product experimentation, I reached a point where my homemade equivalents were not only working, but were usually more effective than the mass-produced products we had previously relied on. I was also using zero nasty chemicals around the house, sending a fraction of household rubbish to landfill, and saving a decent amount of money at the same time.

Having a Zero Waste lifestyle doesn't need to be difficult and time-consuming, but the research and preparation for making sustainable substitutions can be daunting. I'm passionate about cutting out this hard work for people and making the transition easier - I've already done the hard yards, so let me help you out! In my experience, it can be difficult to source all the eco-friendly products you need from one place, and also finding sustainable gifts for loved ones can be challenging too. With this in mind, I've come up with robust products and attractive designs which will stand the test of time, and also look great in the process.

I believe that reducing our consumption of plastic products is essential. Plastic cannot biodegrade; instead, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, threatening the health of our land, waterways, and wildlife. Given that approximately 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of to NZ landfills each year, it is clear that we can all afford to make some sustainable changes to our lifestyles, no matter how small. 

Simple lifestyle changes include using reusable cloth bags for shopping, groceries and bulk foods; being prepared with reusable products in your handbag or backpack so that you can refuse single-use plastics (think straws, coffee cups, food packaging, and cutlery); composting biodegradable matter or renting a green waste bin; and introducing compostable products around your home when their plastic counterparts reach their end-of-life. For more Zero Waste lifestyle tips and tricks, make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

I hope you find the process of making sustainable choices empowering, enjoyable and kinda exciting.